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Blog and Resume template with turborepo

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Blog Feature


  • 👔 Code highlight with line-highlight, line-numbers
  • 🎨 Design with NextUI
  • 🍽 Table of contents
  • 🎩 Dark mode


  • ⌨️ Search with KBar
  • 🔨 Configurable
  • 🔊 Utterances Comment
  • 🔭 Google Analytics
  • 🔥 Hotjar
  • 🏄 Lighthouse score

blog lighthouse score

Resume Feature

  • 🎨 Design with NextUI
  • 🎩 Dark mode
  • ⌨️ Contact with KBar
  • 🔨 Configurable
  • 🔭 Google Analytics
  • 🔥 Hotjar
  • 🏄 Lighthouse score

resume lighthouse score

How to start

comet-land has own generate package create-comet-land

npx create-comet-land
# or
yarn create comet-land

Or using Fork or clone this repo

  1. Install dependencies
  1. Start Turbo !
yarn turbo run dev
# or just
yarn dev
  1. Now you can see blog at localhost:3000, resume at localhost:3001

How to configuration

Please see packages/core/constants directory.

and you can reconfigure at that directory's variable

  • Analytics directory
    • GA ID
    • Hotjar ID
  • Colors directory
    • color schema
  • General directory
    • author image
    • default open-graph image
    • favicon
  • SocialMedia directory
    • github
    • instagram
    • facebook
    • linkedin
    • twitter

and please check apps/blog/_config/index.json and apps/resume/_config/index.json.

This files are placing each app's configuration variable.

How to use it

please read following link.

How to deploy with vercel

1. Import git repository

deploy step 1

2. Select framework preset to Next.js

deploy step 2

3. Set root directory to apps/blog or apps/resume

deploy step 3

4. Set build command

deploy step 4

  • blog build command
cd ../.. && npx turbo run build --scope=blog --include-dependencies --no-deps
  • resume build command
cd ../.. && npx turbo run build --scope=resume --include-dependencies --no-deps

5. Click the Deploy button! 🎉

click the deploy button

More information

This project using turborepo.

so, you can find more information at this vercel guide.

How to add more packages

  • scope packages
cd where-you-want
yarn add package-name
  • global packages
yarn add package-name -W
  • global dev packages
yarn add package-name -DW

Trouble shootings

check this wiki please! it might be help

Use Case


I inspired below blogs and resume.



[your name]

Personal blog by [your name].

I like to share my knowledge.